Military ceasefire, how about the NPAs? Pandemic needs help

State forces are still on defensive fol-lowing the declaration of President Rodrigo Duterte Wednesday, March 18, for over a month of ceasefire between the New People’s Army (NPA).

But NDF chair Jose Ma Sison is not keen on the proposal.  Why? The people are asking.

“We’re still in defensive mode. No offensive operations for now as directed by from the higher ups,” said Col. Noel Baluyan, commander of the 302nd Brigade based at Camp Leon Kilat, Tanjay City. The ceasefire took effect March 19 to April 15.

The NPA has yet to decide whether to agree with the unilateral ceasefire called by president, said rebel spokespersons, Juanito Magbanua.

As of writing, Magbanua said, “We would abide withe the decision decided between the CPP NDF and the Republic of the Philippines.”

He said the communist party is considering the ceasefire would benefit in advancing long standing call for agrarian reform, corruption, among others.

But the issue is Coronavirus and COVID19 scare, this is not a political issue now. The NPAs were asked to say how they can help stop the pendemic, even in their little ways.

Magbanua also criticized presence of the AFP and the Philippine National Police at border control. “This shows that Duterte’s approach against coronavirus is militaristic.” In controlling a pandemic, it is necessary to maintain order that is why the military is there, to control possible panic. (BY RYAN CRIS SOROTE)