Metro-BAY is born

Three big southern most city and two towns of Negros Oriental have bonded themselves as MetroBayawan or “MetroBay” for short, in efforts to stand at par with the central capital city in pursuit of progress and development. The three are Bayawan City, and the municipal LGUs of Sta Catalina and Basay.

Thanks to the initiative of Bayawan City Mayor Pryde Henry Teves who has come up with the age old tradition of the Teves political clan of this province. For years, the political leadership has been led by his family. And he is said to pursue such direction in the present.

Small wonder, Mayor Pryde Henry is setting his radars to a possible crack at the governorship in next year’s elections. Gov Roel Degamo has welcomed such dream of Teves saying, that such is the democraitc way of life.


Collectively known as StaBayaBas, the new aggrupation of Local Government Units of Sta. Catalina, Bayawan City and Basay in the southernmost of Negros Oriental will be known as MetroBayawan or MetroBay for short.

Under this concept advocated by Bayawan City Mayor Pryde Henry Teves, all three LGUs will share common resources and reap the benefits of the so-called sisterhood agreement.

Mayors Nelson Lopez of Sta. Catalina and Beda Canamaque of Basay pledged their commitment to join MetroBayawan with the support of their respective Sanggunians.

The metro pact would involve sharing of resources such as farm implements, intelligence network, water supply system, distribution of livestock, waste disposal and trade that will uplift the quality of life of their constituents.

Mayor Canamaque noted that the Memorandum of Agreement is comprehensive and would be beneficial to the municipalities.

Teves, who has been gaining support in his bid for the governorship against incumbent Governor Roel Degamo, also contemplates the creation of a MetroBayawan Water District that would grant mayors power to appoint the 5 members of the Board of Directors.

Unless expanded to seven instead of five, the number of BOD per locality will be one to be appointed by Mayor of Basay Mayor, one by Mayor of Sta. Catalina and three by Mayor of Bayawan City. If expanded to 7, the one more Director will be added for Sta. Catalina.

Of the three LGUs, Basay is the smallest both in terms of population at 27, 000 and income at P 81.5 million as of 2016.

Santa Catalina has 22 barangays, a population of 75, 000 with a total income of P 192 million. But the undisputed bigger LGU is Bayawan City with a population of 118, 000 and P 798 million also based on 2016 figures.