Mercado De Bais: a fire hazard?

BAIS CITY – The fiasco at the Mercado de Bais is not yet over since the fire department has declared it a “fire hazard.” Not even the old nor the new tenant (Gaisano) will be allowed to use the same until the defects are fixed. Is this some ploy just to eject the remaining market stall holders in order to pave the way for Gaisano group? The City Government would not officially confirm.

The Bureau of Fire Protection is firm with its finding that Mercado de Bais is a fire hazard therefore the establishment must not be authorized to operate pursuant to the Fire Safety Code that is meant to prevent or control conflagration or explosion.

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Provincial Fire Marshall Supt. Mary Joy Candelario clarified that the closure order signed by Region 7 BFP Director Samuel S. Tadeo has already been served as of February 15, 2018. She admitted that there was indeed a commotion due to the resistance of some vendors, but the order was served anyway.

Based on the findings of the BFP inspection team, the Mercado de Bais was found deficient in fire safety to include the provision of fire extinguishers, stand pipe system (water system), and the fire detection alarm system, among others. Candelario clarified that since the structure has deficiencies, the Fire Safety Inspection Certificate was not granted.

She added that the inspection was done in 2017 and the Market Supervisor was made aware of the deficiencies and was given a grace period. A reinspection was conducted later but still there was no compliance. A notice to correct violations plus fine was imposed on the management before the closure order was finally issued by the Bureau of Fire Protection when it was certain that after re-inspection that the building remains a fire hazard.

The public market building can still be utilized if the deficiencies will be addressed by the management or by the City Government of Bais, which actually owns the mercado.