Mayor, Gov lead in public outrage

CAPITOL, CITY CONDEMN MURDER OF JOURNALIST—Governor Roel Degamo attends the emergency meeting of the City Peace and Order Council presided by Vice-Mayor Alan Gel Cordova left and attended by anti-crime advocates City Councilors, Michael Bandal, Bernice Elmaco, Karissa Tolentino-Maxino, SK President Lei Marie Danielle Tolentino, Liga ng mga Barangay President Dione Amores and Edgar Lentorio Jr. and Lani Ramon The Council commended the police for their swift action and continued to condemn the murder of Generoso.

City Mayor Felipe Remollo and Gov. Roel Degamo join the massive public outcry for JUSTICE FOR THE MURDER OF DINDO GENEROSO, a radio blocktimer of Bai Radio DYEM FM, whose 7:30 morning program was mainly focused in propagating City Government projects.

Negros Oriental Police Provincial Office Director Col. Julian Entoma joins Governor Roel Ragay Degamo and Vice-Mayor Alan Gel Cordova in seeking the cooperation of the public particularly anyone who may have a significant information that will strengthen the cases or lead to the arrest of the real perpetrators in the shooting to death of broadcaster Dindo Generoso.

They warned against mistakenly capturing a fall guy.

Entoma, as he extends his sincere condolences to the bereaved family of Generoso, vows to pursue all angles and unmask the mastermind, if any, to the brutal murder of the veteran journalist, who was gunned down Thursday morning.

Fearing of a backlash that befell his former PNP chief for protecting his boys, Col Entoma said that the whole PNP IMAGE is at stake in that policemen are involved like Rubio , Corsame, and now two john does who are believed to be also policemen active or retired.



There is  new twist eyed based on CCTV footages. The probers saw the clear recorded footages that the gunman now unidentified  rode on the  Strada and disembarked on the left back seat of the STrada at  6:40am the boulevard fronting the Silliman signage. The motorbike driver could be Rubio  waiting at the same area. Corsame is the spotter and disembarked at the boulevard but rode back on the right back set of the Strada. He walked towards WhyNot and met two John Does who could be policemen. Corsame rode back on the Strada until the shooting.  It could have been Salaw who drove the Strada. The camera zoomed and saw one pax on the front seat wearing a white t-shirt who apparently was directing the entire operation. These are what the police saw on CCTV as  unofficial police theories based on CCTV footages which are admissible in court,once authenticated and proven.


Already charged for murder are former policeman Glenn Corsame and Teddy Salaw, who are now under the custody of the City PNP until further notice. Col. Entoma, who offered his one-month salary as bounty, urged the public to report additional information leading to the arrest of the real triggerman.

P/Cpl Roger  Rubio who surrendered to his PNP unit is still a person of interest until charged otherwise. He could yet be the motorbike driver and the real gunman could yet be one of the John Does seen to disembark from the left back seat of the Strada.

President Duterte ordered Rubio to be flown to Manila Thursday with City police chief P/Col Wilfredo Alarcon  and PD Col Julian Entoma where an official announcement will be made in Malacanang.

Tomasito Aledro, owner or  financier of the Strada in question  bought and allegedly driven by his brother in law  Salaw, maintained innocence and signified his intention to submit for questioning…He was just in Manila  for interview for a U.S. Visa  meaning he wanted to go out of the country…..His kids at Don Bosco also have missed classes reportedly .

Aledro is a big  businessman said to run the biggest STL outfit in the province, according to probers. He is still a person of interest until specifically charged by the prosecution.

His lawyer Rommel Erames questioned the bounty raised for Dindo’s killers saying it was not necessary as Rubio and Aledro are not escaping. But the question of the police  is:— are the real killers already accounted for? Or are still at large and the ones accounted for are fall guys.?

Governor Roel Ragay Degamo, who lauded the administration of Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo for implementing the CCTV project that greatly helped in the prompt identification of the three suspects.


Mayor Remollo  reiterated his instruction to Col. Entoma and City Chief-of-Police Lt. Col. Wilfredo Alarcon Jr. to conduct a thorough investigation to give justice not only to the Generoso family but also the people of Dumaguete City who deplore the brutal loss of life including the many other unsolved killings.

Councilors, Michael Bandal, Bernice Elmaco, Karissa Tolentino-Maxino, SK President Lei Marie Danielle Tolentino, Liga ng mga Barangay President Dione Amores and Edgar Lentorio Jr.and Lani Ramon  who lately has joined the Bandera media  commended the police for their swift action and condemned the murder of Generoso.


Members of the City Peace and Order Council also passed a resolution asking the National Bureau of Investigation to conduct a parallel investigation into the murder. Also present during the  afternoon’s CPOC meeting convened by VM Cordova were members of the academe, Punong Barangays, anti-crime advocates, religious leaders, members of the local press and ordinary citizens who share the outrage of the wanton killing that ironically implicated members of the PNP.


The council intimidated that  the bounty that will lead to the arrest of the suspects can be sourced out from the intelligence funds of the City Government and Provincial Government. Any information related to the case can be sent to Col. Entoma through his numbers 0920-666-0109 or 0917-558-4265.