First official acts of Doc Mark Macias as OIC governor

Mark Macias as OIC Governor
DOC MARK MACIAS acting governor until Jan 18, 2018 assured the suspended governor ROEL DEGAMO that he will not rock the boat so long as what he will carry on are all legal and in accordance with law. His cue to all is: “I WILL IMPLEMENT THE LAW.”


Doc Mark Macias as OIC Governor

NEGROS ORIENTAL – The first official act of DOC MARK Macias as acting Governor was to send a notice to all department heads, all local government units, and all mayors, informing them that as he assumed acting governor effective October 18 until January 17, 2018, he will call a meeting of all department heads TODAY Monday so that they can brief him about their personnel, budget, problems, etc.

Macias wants them to maximize their work within 90 days; he wants to find ways to resolve any problems, and not to add more to those problems. Macias has met with suspended Governor to effect a smooth transition and the continuation of government services.

During their meeting, Macias laid out his plans for the next 90 days, and he asked for the support of the department heads. Under the Local Government Code, Gov. Mark Macias can hire and fire or suspend an employee, but he said he will not do this unless extremely necessary for the continued delivery of government services.

Macias said he had barely sat as the acting governor when many people have approached him asking that now that he is governor he should approved their projects. But Mark Macias replied that all programs and projects have already been laid out and distributed to the different development councils, have passed through the PDC and published in the AIP.

Macias promised to monitor the projects to make sure they are implemented as already programmed. He also said the law should be followed.

Regarding the rumors that there have been violations in the quarry operations permits, Macias said he will seek a debriefing from the ENRD. He said he will not issue new permits to avoid worsening the problems.

Regarding the job orders, he said these are intact until December because they have contracts with the government. He said, however, that he will do an inventory of job orders if they actually report to work or not. He said he finds no problem with job order people if they do their jobs.

The acting governor added that it is important for him to make an inventory of the personnel, vehicles, balances of the budget in the offices so that he will know what to do. This inventory will be shown by Macias to Governor Degamo upon the latter’s return to office so that Macias cannot be blamed for anything.

Macias said because he has been given this heavy responsibility, he will ask for the cooperation of everyone and he assured them that he will do everything according to the book.

Macias was glad that Governor Degamo announced earlier, at the Farm and Livestock Congress, that everybody should support the acting governor so that all the projects can be fast tracked as programmed until the end of this year.


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