Manipulative liars


Don’t get caught by a sociopathic liar. Look out for these signs and steer well clear. They come in all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life. The unsuspecting romantic partner, work colleague or internet fraudster can all turn out to be a sociopathic liar.

Sociopaths can have some of the most hidden and dangerous personality features. However, there are often a few tell-tale signs:

Sociopaths are fast talkers. A sociopathic liar will use words that they do not mean and will use language designed to conceal their behaviour and true selfish purpose.

Are they making big promises? Do they tell you tall stories with no way of backing them up?

Also, does your sociopathic liar regularly shower you with praise? example, Do they often tell you they can’t live without you?

A sociopath will switch between being your best friend or your worst enemy. They are always blameless and rarely apologise —— unless they are caught.

If you can focus on their behaviour and ignore the words they say, you can see the sociopathic liar before your very eyes. Verify everything they tell you.

As well as trying to be your best friend, a sociopath can also be very good at making others fall in love with them—especially if they are lonely, grieving or have low self-esteem at the time.

These are people who often enjoy the suffering of others. The sociopaths often lack a conscience, so they will do anything to get what they want.

Trust your feelings more than their words. If you have an uncomfortable feeling, check it out. Verify everything.