Malicious envy


Let me share with you an article entitled “The Singular Nature of Malicious Envy.” Perhaps this would help us understand perflexing actions of well-meaning and good persons with certain individuals; who unwillingly has become a victim of malicious envy, let me quote in Toto:

“Feeling it means that someone’s superiority highlights painful inferiority in ourselves—an existential blow to the gut.

Frustration is another symptom. Usually the person we envy is similar to ourselves in ways that encourage comparisons, so much so that we can imagine what it would be like to enjoy what the envied person has—we can almost taste it. But this is fantasy. Malicious envy is born of our desires being blocked rather than a better future mapped out as we eye the envied person’s advantage.

Adding to this wash of feelings is a sense of injustice, a sense that the envied person’s advantage is undeserved. However, our assessment is likely a minority view. Good luck at crying foul. Other people, unless they share our envy, will beg to differ. Our complaints will be cast aside, trivialized – because they smack of envy. Shame on us.

It gets worse. This ugly brew of inferiority, frustration, and resentment can breed a singularly shameful hostility.