Mad rush to “Minority:” is Cha-Cha doomed?


DUMAGUETE CITY – At the outset, if the overall outcome of the “super coup” at the Lower House of Congress came out “as planned,” then it could spell the boom of the federal constitution. Mad rush to “Minority:” is Cha-Cha doomed?

But if the speaker’s coup at the house did not succeed (as planned), then it could spell the doom of the proposed federal Constitution.

Therefore, it has to succeed otherwise this country will go back to square one of where it started when Duterte was elected in 2016. What is to be done?

First, Congress must define whether to allow both Houses to jointly form a constituent assembly to institute amendments or write a new federal Constitution.

Second, will the majority and minority blocks move to agree whether or not the Senate and the Lower House will form the Constituent Assembly (Con Ass) with both Houses voting separately? This is the more crucial part. This is a do or die situation.

If the Congress in both houses agree and voting separately, they will have to convene to constitute themselves into a Constitutional Assembly to amend the Constitution. Then and only then may we all dance the cha-cha, meaning, we can now proceed to Charter Change.

But mind you, knowing how Congress operates, it will soon be overtaken by more important events and, with all honesty, we say the fate of the proposed federal constitution will be stretched farther away from the remotest possibility after the 2019 mid-term elections. We expect the political landscape to change.

And by then, Duterte’s term will be over. We don’t know how this proposed Federal Constitution will prevail —- unless history will repeat itself and Martial Law be re-imposed nationwide.

A new one for the Supreme Court regarding minority in the legislature: will the old minority leader be allowed to hold on to his post even if he voted for the new majority?

The new minority composed of the dozen who abstained from voting for Arroyo, including our own Rep Limkaichong, wants now to take over ‘Suarez, who says : no way! You apply for minority first and then we perhaps can hold an election, but with the clearance of the new speaker Arroyo. How’s that? OK go to the Supreme Court so things will be finally settled.

At the provincial board, we also have a new minority. This time it is the group of Gov Degamo who is now overtaken by numbers. Degamo has six while Macias has now 8 board members with their party. Read the composition of the new majority in our page one story. This early nobody would yet like to rock the boat. So is this a lull before another storm at the provincial board?

The new addition to the new majority are the LIGA provincial president and the SK president.

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