Macias revives boards for better governance

NEGROS ORIENTAL – Governor Mark Macias has revived two special panels that will help the administration make an objective and inclusive decision affecting revenues of Capitol facilities and promotions of deserving employees for better governance.

The Board of Management, which oversees and regulates the use of capitol facilities such as the Lamberto Macias Sports Complex, Mariano Perdices Coliseum, aqua center, Ninoy Aquino Freedom Park, tennis courts, the convention center and hotel, among othersĀ  facilities, has been reconstituted to impose all applicable fees or grant discounts pursuant to the revenue code of the provincial government.

Macias said that income from these facilities will be used for their maintenance and repair for sustainability. He notes that many organizations even private persons have been using the facilities without paying the required fees and rents to the detriment of the government.

He has also reconvened the Promotion Board to screen and recommend only the qualified employees for promotion based solely on merit and not for political patronage.

Macias, who assumed as governor following the suspension of Governor Roel Degamo and his subsequent dismissal by the Office of the Ombudsman, vows to step down and return to his post as Vice-Governor if and when Degamo can secure a favorable court ruling reinstating him.

As the current occupant of the highest post in the Capitol, Macias claimed to have ensure the procurement of the frequently prescribed medicine and drugs in the Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital in a bid to cure the perennial problem of lack of supply affecting the poorest of the poor.

Nevertheless, he also dismissed or did not renew the contracts of hundreds of Job Order Workers in excess of what is needed and those found to have been negligent in their tasks. Only those actually needed and with fine performance were retained by the current administration.

Macias believes that government resources have been put to waste for JOs, who receive salaries or wages without actual, tangible or laudable contributions to government service.

Many of the dismissed JOs still harbor hopes that they will be reinstated once Degamo re-assumes his post.

Still Macias believes that he will be able to win some of the employees who are loyal to the suspended governor if he shows them his just and productive leadership.