Lying, repeat


Today, I’m gonna talk about lying. Not telling the truth.

I have friends in America who have never lied to me in 50 years. If I knew people that were bad in some way, (everybody can be imperfect, no problem with that) ….but if anybody was doing hard drugs, stealing lying,…well those people I separated our friendship from long long long ago.

So if the situation comes up and you realize if you make a little lie it might make it easier for you, then keep reading so perhaps it’s to cover up a mistake or maybe you think it will help you financially. And you make the Lie but you don’t get caught. So you do something again and you cover it up with another lie. And you don’t get caught.

And then you find yourself making a lie to cover up a lie and it starts to get complicated.

Well as everybody knows eventually most of the liars and criminals and thieves and the cheaters get caught. And then nobody trusts you anymore and nobody should go into business with you and nobody should marry you and your friends and family will watch you and be polite to you but they will watch you and never trust you with anything big or important.

So the problem becomes that the complexity of living in the world of lies takes a lot of energy, because some people know part of the truth and you can’t trick everybody every day. You can trick people for awhile but you can’t trick everybody, and you can’t trick them all the time. And all of this energy is being wasted and should be going to improve your life and improve the life of others. (To be continued)