Lupons snub drug profilings

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) laments that several barangays have not yet until now completed the mandate to submit a profiles of  all the drug users in every barangay, and the  pusher, supplier situasiton in every barangay so much so that there is a sneaking suspicion that some modus vivendi migh be going on.

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) is urging barangay anti drug abuse councils (BADACs) all over the province to make a proper documentation of drug personalities who are residing in their respective barangays. This has not yet been done by the majority.Why?

PDEA provincial team leader Agent Grace Cruz said whereabouts of drug personalities in the barangays must be reported to the police.  In case of transfer to other places, for reasons of employment or in case of death, BADACs are required to pass a resolution stating the reasons herein stated so authorities can also be guided.

In case of death, a copy of the death certificate should be attached to the resolution and or certificate of employment if the reason for his non-availability in the barrangay where he  or she is residing is job-related.  BADAC is also required to submit a resolution stating the reasons why drug personalities who are in the list would refuse to cooperate with concerned barangays  or when they refused to undergo a community based drug rehabilitation program.

Agent Cruz made it clear, anti-drug operations will follow against surrenderees including the newly identified drug personalities if they refuse to heed the call of government for them to observe the protocols.

However, a number of barangays don’t have an updated list of drug personalities in their respectricve areas except the first set of lists of surrenderees under Tokhang.////choyjrg