Love and Discipline in the City


Discipline is a multi-dimensional thing. It can be viewed from an individual, communal, city or country perspective. In an individual level, this is exemplified in parents instilling discipline so their children will grow up with the right values, character and good habits that will guide them through life. The children who grow up having been properly disciplined when they were young become more focused, hard-working, resilient and successful adults later, whatever field they may be.

In a community or city level, discipline is evidenced in a place where laws and lcoal ordinances are observed and implemented vigilantly, where people are always mindful of their social responsibilities to the community and the evnironment.

Dumaguete appeals to residents and visitors as a charming, old capital city in transition towards modernization, where on finds old houses justaposed with modern buildings in a mix of the old and the new. The nearby beaches are still relatively clean and inviting. The narrow streets remind one of the past when our grandparents did not need vehicles but rather walked to the park, the church and the market place, where they often met friends and where a strong sense of community was felt.

We cannot hold on to the past but we can certianly fashion the future of our city responsibly, which we can do with discipline. We should not allow or be tolerant of litter being strewn here, there and everywhere. The trash randomly tossed everywhere would eventually end up in our rivers and surrounding sea.

If we love the city, we can discipline ourselves enough to follow the basic principles of the three Rs: Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. There are so many ways we can do to help preserve the environment.

On the part of the local government, they can ban the use of vehicles that have no anti-pollution device, hence emitting so much air pollution. There’s another type of disturbing pollution that we are facing right now: noise pollution, which our LGU can definitely address.

Yet we cannot depend solely on the LGU or non-government organizations to monitor and help clean up the beaches, the streets and the city. In our own way, we can all be good stewards of the environment by observing simple ways of reducing waste.

In the end, we are the ones who will benefit from this. When all the waste goes to our rivers and seas, our sources of food are jeopardized and in the end, we suffer the consequences. Waste materials could also jam our sewage systems and aggravate flooding during the typhoon season.

Loving our city entails caring enough to protect it by employing self-discipline. After all, we and our loved ones will be the ones who will enjoy a healthy, vibrant city like Dumaguete.