Life lessons

lea sicat reyesZEPHYR

I have been following a daily devotional online.  Called Daily Stoic, it is, in a way, a day-to-day how-to for aspiring Stoics like yours truly.  I have been writing about the benefits of Stoicism in modern-day life.  Here is a link to catch up:

There is one Daily Stoic entry that I feel deserves to be passed on especially in the present day and age overcome by senseless noise.  Kana-as.  That is how I put it in the vernacular.  Just one look at the news is enough to make one gag.  You’ve got incensed language devoid of any tact and civility.  Death’s menacing grip manifests pretty much everywhere.  Throw in narcissism, fake news, apathy, and cynicism in the mix and you’ve got a pretty bleak picture of the society we live in.

This is why Stoicism is one of the many antidotes to this nebulous negativity that surrounds us.  It is a different way of looking at things — calmer, kinder, hopeful.

The Daily Stoic entry that I mentioned earlier focuses on George Raveling.  He is the same guy who is called “coach” by Basketball god, Michael Jordan.  Coach Rav, as he is known in many quarters, is not any regular coach.  He is a life coach who is a walking reflection of how Stoics should see life in general.  We can definitely learn so many things from Coach Rav’s wisdom about life.

Daily Stoic shared one lesson from Coach Rav.  It deals with “discerning what’s inside our control and what isn’t.”  It also highlights how to “focus all our energy on making the right choices in regards to what’s ours to decide.”

Coach Rav’s lesson is summarized in one post on his website.  It is entitled “23 Life Choices That Are In Your Control.”  Here are all 23 of them:

  1. Be YOU, not them.
  2. Do more, expect less.
  3. Be positive, not negative.
  4. Be the solution, not the problem.
  5. Be a starter, not a stopper.
  6. Question more, believe less.
  7. Be a somebody, never a nobody.
  8. Love more, hate less.
  9. Give more, take less.
  10. See more, look less.
  11. Save more, spend less.
  12. Listen more, talk less.
  13. Walk more, sit less.
  14. Read more, watch less.
  15. Build more, destroy less.
  16. Praise more, criticize less.
  17. Clean more, dirty less.
  18. Live more, do not just exist.
  19. Be the answer, not the question.
  20. Be a lover, not a hater.
  21. Be a painkiller, not a pain giver.
  22. Think more, react less.
  23. Be more uncommon, less common.