LET THE BIBLE SPEAK – April 19, 2020

New Testament Bible Baptist Church located in Pulantubig Near Mag Say Say Elemen tary School in the Captain T. Amores Estate. We would like to invite you to our Services each Sunday at 9 a.m. and again at 4:30 p.m. For information ring 09059593638. What do you plan to do this year 2020? What goals do we plan to reach? We as Bible Believers look at Fast Food Restuarants or Department Stores and admire their organization and the way they operate, but we cannot visualize our setting goals or much progress. Most Christians go from year to year with the same progress and never desire to accomplish very much. Churches have an easy going attitude and satisfied with their small Progress and sometimes no progress. We have the same crowds and same members and if Children are reached it is very few. Many Churches that practice Bible teaching do not Even have a Sunday School. Many Christians look at the past and say this is what we use To do. Many become critical and say what the leaders or their Pastor is not doing. Many Have prospered and assume their progress in the Christian Life is making money. The Church has to rise up and see the need of progress or reaching goals. A Church that does Not evangelize will soon fossilize or as Revelations 2 states be dead. A Church that does not Motivate their members will soon be in a rut and lose their vision why they are even operating. Are we to operate as a Social Organization and do social projects? Read your Bible And you will see the Church is to go out into all the world and preach the Gospel according To Matthew 28:18-20. Every member in a Church should be doing something and be Active in all service. We must warn people that Jesus Christ is returning soon to this earth. The question, every person must ask themselves, ‘Am I ready to meet God?’ Does the Bible Tell us how to go or get ready? We must repent of our sins and ask Jesus into our heart. Will you read I John near the Revelation and find out how to go to Heaven? Don’t miss it!