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A Leaderboard Ad is a wide rectangular advertising space that measures 728-pixels-wide by 90-pixels-high (728×90). It is usually placed at the top of a page, so as to be seen by the user immediately when the page loads. Leaderboard ads are possibly the most valuable/costly as they generally perform really well.


  • Image/file types can include GIF, GIF89, JPEG, Flash
  • Linked directly to advertiser url
  • Different url can be applied to different banners
  • Other locations can include top of article pages, middle or end of articles, and footer of site major pages.
  • Full statistics provided including impressions and click-throughs

Sample leaderboard ad :


Additional Options (additional fees may apply)

  • Delivery limitiations can include time of day, day of week, specific date, language, and browser.
  • Delivery capping (frequency) can be limited
  • Can geo-target by country
  • Can target by platform (desktop vs. mobile)

Leaderboard Ad Benefits:

  • Very wide, highly visible ad size
  • Cost-effective tool for branding, product awareness, lead generation, direct sales.
  • Print-Friendly pages for articles and recipes feature top of page placement. Printed pages offer extended branding power.
  • Multiple creatives may be run at the same time during an ad campaign, giving advertisers the opportunity to test the effectiveness of individual creatives and change the creatives they use anytime during a campaign based on each individual Button’s performance.
  • Advertisers can extend elements from offline ad campaigns, such as direct mail, TV, Radio and print publications, and tie them into their campaign.