Hunt for U.S. lunatics; if not, ban guns there

Las Vegas Nevada Shooting
It’s a lunatic world!The unprecedented mass murder in sin City Las Vegas could be the work of a man whose brain was controlled by criminal minds implanted secretly so that at a given moment, Paddock will just run berserk. Investigators won’t admit this big possibility, using the cyber technology.


Nobody in this cyber age will believe that the lunatic who shot and killed 59 people and injured 500 others in the Las Vegas Nevada shooting rampage – acted alone. The one who concludes that alone-business is either helpless or is simply living in the past, not the future no present.

There has to be an organized terror syndicate who poisons the minds of innocent people, maybe thru poisoning the sober mind by inviting the victim to a simple social drink and there goes the victim going berserk within 24 hours or so. This experiment had already been done in the 70’s.

So how can the U.S. be so stupid to conclude that Paddock the Killer “acted alone?” IMPOSSIBLE! Impossible!

This modus have been done many times, the innocent sober person suddenly going berserk is now a scientific method of terrorism.

If a man gets intoxicated with a couple of drinks— and goes beserk; if a man is killed by simple sniffing of poison; if people are killed because poison air is fed in air-conditioning vents; what makes the U.S. so stupid NOT TO suspect that Paddock the latest lunatic who went berserk was not offered a drink 42 hours earlier, by a sexy woman, and then he picks up 10 guns to massacre innocent thousands of concert goers?

Video enthusiasts, check the old film entitled: “Telefone” starring Charles Bronson and you will get the idea that PADDOCK was not acting alone. His brain was manipulated. As when a chip is planted in your body. The “Bourne Identity” series also gives you a picture of Paddock case.

Why don’t they investigate who Paddock talked with and dealt with one week earlier? Phone calls, credit cards, travels, where was he one week before the killing?

“Acted alone” in this age of organized crime and cyber terrorism and the drone-age is simply a stupid theory, an escapist excuse of helplessness.

If taking an overdose of ecstasy makes a person go sex-berserk, how about another kind?—a tablet that instead of making a person a sex maniac, the victim becomes very violent and shoots people indiscriminately?

It’s been in the movies in the 70s, but today it is a reality. Talking to the phone overseas in an operator- assisted call is now converted into an instant satellite phone patch even inside caves. Is the U.S. THAT stupid? We don’t think so. It knows but they ain’t saying it.

Just like the reality of UFO, nobody is confirming this episode.