Landfill site expanding to ten hectares

The social acceptability of the controversial sanitary landfill has been bolstered by the decision of some owners to voluntarily sell their lots adjoining the first 3.5 hectare property bought by the city government.

The city government has acquired the adjacent lots to serve as buffer zones that will further insulate and protect nearby communities, if there are any.

However, Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo clarified that the city actually plans to establish the Eco-park and Waste Disposal Facilities in the newly purchased lots in Barangay Candau-ay so that the dumpsite will finally be closed and rehabilitated.

Mayor Remollo, who engaged both supporters and critics at a public hearing in Camanjac, explains that the comprehensive plan of the city administration to effectively manage our garbage in the new facilities involves four components: first, the Materials Recovery Facility to segregate all garbage into biodegradable, non-biodegradable, recyclable and residuals; second, conversion of plastic materials into chairs to be donated to public schools or sold commercially; production of organic fertilizers to boost food security and finally, the last stage involves burying the residual wastes in the sanitary landfill.

It is asserted that the city’s daily production of 80 tons of garbage will be reduced to just about 10 to 5 tons of residual wastes by the time it reaches the sanitary landfill.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources has already approved the city government’s plan to build a Materials Recovery Facility in the newly purchased lots in Candau-ay. Soon the P 7 million MRF facility will be constructed.

In his latest dialogue with the residents of Barangays Camanjac and Candau-ay, Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo underscored the necessity and urgency of putting up a Materials Recovery Facility and Sanitary Landfill in an estimated 10-hectare lot in Barangay Candau-ay.

The mayor assured the residents that there will be no actual construction of said facilities and dumping of garbage in the purchased lot unless ECC has been issued by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

Mayor Remollo was accompanied by Councilors Alan Cordova, Lilani Ramon, Karissa Tolentino-Maxino, Joe Kenneth Arbas, Michael Bandal, Manuel Arbon and SK President Danni Tolentino during the public hearing organized by the barangay officials of Camanjac.

Remollo asked those protesting the location of the MRF and SLF to offer a different site that will pass all the DENR requirements with the owner of the property manifesting willingness to sell.

He clarified that the deed of donation also provided that in the event the purchased lot will not pass the DENR standards, the property may be returned to the owner, who is likewise obliged to refund the amount paid for his lot unless the city government will use the same property for other public purpose.

Both Mayor Remollo and Father Sulpicio Vincoy, representing some of the concerned residents, agreed to keep talking and share notes so that zero waste management that requires segregation at source in the barangays will be implemented.