Kill the COVID19 virus in the FIRST FIVE DAYS

“From DILG Secretary Ed Ano who battled covid for 2 weeks:

You wont need to go to the hospital if you treat Covid at the very early stage with:

Steam inhaling for 20min 3x/day (cover your head over the steam with towel) hot water in a palangana with salt

Drink Salabat (ginger tea) with garlic and calamansi  ala kampai style

Gargle warm water with 1 spoonful of salt 3x a day

Vitamin C 1000mg and Zinc

Drink plenty of warm water

Sunlight in the morning.

Unlimited positive mental attitude.



The critical period is the first 5 days. This is where the battle is fought and won. This is the period when the virus stays on your throat and sinus. And you can easily defeat and kill the virus with the methods I enumerated.

Your antibodies may not yet activate or be available at this time because your body immune system cannot recognize the virus since its an RNA molecule that came from animals.

That’s why sometimes even an infected person would turn out negative in a test using the antibody rapid test kit but it is false negative. If you just let things happen, and the virus gets into your lungs on the 6th day onwards, you ll have difficulty breathing because they will multiply into billions and attack your lungs.

By then it would be your last battle stand called the battle of ventilators. Hence kill the virus in the first five days.”