Kids lie about their abduction

DUMAGUETE CITY – Local police investigators concluded that contrary to the earlier reports that two young siblings, were kidnapped, which caused alarm in the city, there was actually no abduction and that police claim the supposed victims lied to the authorities.

Sources from both the Negros Oriental Police Provincial Office and the Dumaguete City Police Station confirm that the uncle of the alleged victims and their parents expressed disbelief of the claim.

Instead the elders believe that the minors were simply trying to evade anger and possible punishment from their parents for traveling to Tanjay City to attend some festivities without their permission.

The alleged abduction of the two children in Barangay Daro, complete with graphic description on how they were forcibly taken to a car, caused a flash of alarm not only in Dumaguete City but in nearby towns leading most of the people to conclude that the communities are no longer safe amid other incidents of shootings.

Nevertheless, the premature disclosure of the news with some reporters allegedly failing to verify information from other sources contribute to the near panic when the alleged abduction never took place and that children were sly enough to spin a tale of lies that was almost believable. Authorities took pains to explain that the initial report of abduction was “fake news.”

Police officials cautioned some of the journalists concerned to refrain from disclosing unverified information and blotters without making an intensive research.