Just enforce the law


The reason why there seems to be a breakdown of law and order in the north of Negros is because, among others, the laws are not enforced.

We have enough laws and we do not (yet) need another Martial Law in Negros island because, if  only the following mandates are enforced, there will be law and order:

  1. Mandated regular and permanent, and strong credible presence of Local Government officials and services in the hinterlands of Guihulngan, Ayungon, Canlaon and Manjuyod;
  2. Equitable distribution of wealth and opportunities;
  3. The ideal policemen:citizens ratio;
  4. Comprehensive Land Reform Program
  5. Efficient farm to market roads in the barrios
  6. Eliminate double standard of justice, among other similar mandates. And POLITICAL WILL of local officials.

President Duterte is right in seriously weighing his options of Martial Law in the first district and not province wide because the problem is confined in the first district only.

Declaring Martial Law in the whole island might precipate serious human rights issues and lack of Congressional consultation. It could also be made a pattern for others to declare Martial Law in other areas of the country.

Finally, the lack of strong recommendations by our local government leaders themselves is a strong indicator that indeed the problem is not that BIG and can be controlled if the right kind of solution is effected.