Junk false news regarding P32M health projects

The city administration has disclaimed and denied false news that the City has not prioritized health care services. Mayor Felipe Antionio Remollo’s administration allies released the list of P32.1M multi-million projects and health care programs funded in 2017 and 2018 including the amount of money released to indgent families seeking medical attention.

They said the false news disseminator is not a seasoned reporter who could easily succumb to inaccurate sources.

Records from the City Health Office under Dr. Maria Sarah B. Talla revealed that some P32.1 million worth of projects funded by the local government and Department of Health have been completed, ongoing and for implementation this year.

Councilor Lilani Ramon, who Chairs that Committee on Health, said that the Remollo administration in cooperation with the DOH appropriated millions of pesos for the construction of health stations and procurement of equipment in 8 barangays.

Barangay Health Stations in Looc and Bagacay, including a P 5 million Laboratory Complex in the City Health Office have been completed. Health Stations ready for construction are in Barangay Cadawinonan, P 3.7 million; Calindagan, P 2.5 million; Talay, P10.7 million; Pulantubig, P 1 million; Bantayan, P 1 million and Candau-ay, P 1.5 million.

Poblacion 7 was granted P 500, 000 worth of medical equipment. Some 22 pieces of weighing scales for 22 barangays; nebulizers, BP apparatus, stethoscopes and thermometers will be acquired as well.

Thousands of citizens are also beneficiaries to medical care and intervention against rabies, dengue, prenatal care, hepatitis and hypertension. The city Mayor’s Office has also provided P 1.4 million worth of medicine/ drugs through the Botica sa Masa program P2.6 million free medicine to indigent patients.

Medical and dental missions are also held in various barangays without much fanfare on the part of Mayor Remollo.

Councilor Joe Kenneth Arabs appealed to the critics of Mayor Remollo not to ignore the facts and do some research.

For her part, Councilor Karissa Tolentino-Maxino appealed to the members of the press to be always fair, stick to the truth and get the other side of every story even if there are parties who would offer them any incentives.