Jobs-mismatch still crucial in job hiring

DUMAGUETE CITY – The most difficult part in job placement is not the number of applicants nor vacancies but the need for available jobs to match with the skills of the applicants.

What good are job vacancies if the applicants are not qualified, nor skilled enough for the vacant positions?

Twenty eight schools and seven Business Process Outsourcing (BPOs) in Dumaguete City and the province of Negros Oriental have participated in the national TVET enrolment day and jobs enrolment program during the one-day synchronize activity as well as the jobs bridging program for the ICT-BPO sector initiated by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) on Tuesday.

TESDA provincial director Floro Ringca said the jobs bridging program was a success because the employers are local.

Another jobs bridging program is scheduled in August this year durin the TESDA anniversary and this time will already include the rest of the sectors, such as in construction, tourism, health, the employers of which will come from outside Dumaguete.

Also undertaken during the nationwide synchronize activity was the free assessment for all types of work, and awarding of the tool kits for graduates of a welding skills training program.

The awarding of the tool kits highlighted the activity where 25 sugarcane field workers were given welding kits each so they can start their own livelihood, instead of being sugarcane workers.  Ringca disclosed that last year more than 200 individuals have also graduated from the skills traininig program, aside from masonry, carpentry, bread and pastry and cake making. Funding for the welding skills training program comes from the Sugar Regulatory Administration (SRA) which was downloaded to TESDA as implementor.

In Bayawan, 60 student-welders are expected to also receive the same tool kits upon completion of the skills training program for welders.

In his message, Mayor Felipe Remollo stressed there’s no need to enroll to a 4-year or a 5-year course in order to land a good job.  The time has come to be practical because government has shifted its direction with the advent of new technologies.

He further said life is like climate change, nobody can tell what will happen in the future, in urging the tool kit awardees and applicants for TESDA scholarships to do good in everything that they do. The mayor cushioned the the scholars not to get married unless they have a job with the use of their competencies and acquired skills.jrg