Jesus leads; we follow


Ask committed Christians if they understand that Jesus is the leader in stead of them and they will give you an odd look and say, “Well, of course, Jesus is the leader.” Yet if we believe this, why do we live as if we’re in charge of our lives so much of the time?

On the surface, it sounds so simple: Jesus is the leader; we are the followers. But knowing that theological fact and living that discipleship truth are vastly different. As Christians, we should begin every day affirming this truth: “Jesus is the leader; I am the follower. My goal today is to follow His schedule, accomplish His agenda, reach His destination, and love whoever He sends my way.” That as true disciples, we should ask God to remind us every day how silly it is for us to think we are leaders. Being the follower is a wonderful role, a role to celebrate, the role of a lifetime.

Live every day with that profound truth in mind, and you’ll take a giant step forward in becoming a better follower of Jesus
– John Kramp

Being powerful is like being a lady: If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.
– Margaret Thatcher

Character Check

Maintaining control over ourselves is job enough without needing to dominate others. If you’re battling issues of power and control, confess it today. Trust God’s power to help.