It’s not democracy – it’s anarchy in HK!

Hong Kong protestors clash with police at the HK international airport as they paralyzed hundreds of flights. What are laws for if the protestors are also fighting for democracy?


The present chaos in Hongkong as we see on television is no longer democracy but anarchy!  In a democracy, expression of dissent is done in an orderly manner, not through tear gas and molotovs. The government has the right to quell the disorder in order to restore peace and harmony and preserve the economy.

In any home for instance, it is right for your children to express themselves, their joys and disgust over things. But when they start breaking things in the house, that is no longer proper and children should be disciplined.

Of course, the Chinese government has every right to rule and determine how to run things in the domestic front. Hongkong is part of China. Therefore, Chinese laws should apply.

It is different in Taiwan. Taipeh continues to be a renegade province of China ever since history. It was where democratic  Premier Chiang kai-shek flew and escaped when Mao’s communism  took over China in l948. Democratic government rules in Taiwan even if it is part of China,  accepted on tolerance. It is also a semblance that China is not THAT oppressive. But when it comes to discipline among its citizens, that is a different story. China is firm, and is strong if not violent in lashing on its malefactors.

The best part is everyone is FREE to live where he or she likes. If the Hongkong protestors do not want China’s ways, then they get out of Hongkong. Maybe they’ll  try Manila, see if they can survive.

The issue now is a matter of public policy. If the Chinese central government in Beijing  wants to try dissenters and bring them to trial in the mainland, that is their govenrment’s right. If the millenials of Hongkong mostly do not agree, they should not break things and sow chaos, they should instead decide to get out of Hongkong and live somewhere else.

We will not be surprised if one day, the Chinese soldiers will just round up the mob and bring them all to the mainland.

But the trouble is, political saboteurs  in social media circulate that it is the U.S. who is instigating the Hongkong disorder. Well that’s possible. Just as China or Russia if Iran  may instigate those mass murders in American malls and churches by inflicting sudden mental illness to American perepetrators by just letting them take some pills that will destroy their minds, and let them run amok.

We say in a broad sense, World War III is now going on, but without the traditional invasion of forces like in 1943.  China has already invaded the Philippines thru some 100,000 online game workers who knows they are spies soldiers in disguise.  Why are the Chinese opening ordinary business stores here? What for?

Moreover, millions of Chinese “tourists” visit our country the whole year round. And presto! They stay in hotels which are also owned and managed by Chinese. So money-in , money-out into  the same pocket. The pogo gamers are reportedly banned in China so they do it in the Phlippines. Why are we allowing it and China is not?  Is this not invasion?  Absolutely!  In an economic invasion, you don’t need guns and bullets. Just tourism and gambling are  enough weapons to slowly cripple the economy of  a third world country like ours.

We can  also see the balancing act of diplomacy of Duterte on China vs. America.  Duterte pivots to China if only to show the Americans that we are not their puppets to be dictated upon like what they did to our past presidents.  When Duterte felt insulted by Obama in one summit meeting, that broke the camel’s back. Duterte started his pivot to China and we can see some advantages.

What is important is the Philippines should  not take part in the geopolitical war of the East vs West. We are nothing compared to their  weaponry, so we better shut up and befriend the East and the West. We suggest we join China in mining in the West China seas islands and build tourist hotels there in the Spratleys.  Who would bomb an international tourist hotel ?

Finally, we say the difference between Duterte and Marcos is that the former is an accomplished mayor for 22 years. He knows the psyche of the people in the rural areas so he knows how to handle them even if he has to bully them it’s ok on the rural culture whose people  idolize the canto-boy mentality.

On the other hand, Marcos is a Manila boy. He did not know how to run a small town or city. His horizon is metro not rural. So he is out of touch. When he declared Martial Law, he was out of touch from the people. This brought his downfall.

Unlike Duterte who talks, walks, dresses and even eats like an ordinary folk, he can easily connect with the masses. That is why he is better called the Mayor of the Philippines than its president. Bravo Duterte the country has a problem: Who will replace you?