Interim Capitol

Interim Capitol

Interim Capitol

NEGROS ORIENTAL – It certainly did not come as a surprise as the 90-day preventive suspension of the governor was long time coming since his 2012 case of alleged malversation of public funds and falsification of documents was filed before the Graft court.

In most if not all criminal and graft cases once a probable cause is established and arraignment is done, the next thing that will happen is an order to preventively suspend the accused so that technically he cannot use the influence of his office to fight for his defense and exoneration.

We are glad because the suspension came at a time when the provincial board and government are now (hopefully) bereft of political squabbles between the camps of the governor and his vice and the board members.

Today their honeymoon is a bit back since elections are over and there is nothing to fight about at least in the meantime. And moreover the P2.5 Billion provincial budget is now done as of Oct 16 just two days before the suspension order was served. What luck! Otherwise, the budget could have been tinkered upon especially without the governor.

Substantive wise, the case has hopes, although it will take years to resolve beyond the terms of office of these people. The CA court has eliminated criminal intent so what is left is the issue of restitution of P140M mobilization fund if found to be illegally disbursed even without criminal intent. (How can they return P140Million?)

But legal experts say, the resolution of this case will be done beyond their terms of office. But of course sans all retirement benefits until resolved with finality.

Most of all the guv will be back in his saddle 90 short days, in Jan 17 ,2018 or three long months from now. As Doc Mark the capitol “caretaker” says, he is ready to man the fort, without rocking the boat, but with the caveat that so long as everything inside capitol is clean, otherwise, there should be nothing for the caretaker to “sweep.”

Abangan pare koy!


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