Indoor gardening, anyone?

indoor gradening


DUMAGUETE CITY – Summer is officially here. Given the long break, it’s time to take up a new hobby. Whether it be high energy sports or soothing music, the possibilities are endless! Don’t let those creative juices dry up and go dormant. Go ahead and pursue something more than the usual.

Indoor gardening is definitely one thing that you can check out. Depending on the plants that you choose, it certainly doesn’t take too much time and effort. It also spruces up your surroundings, giving your home a calm and comforting atmosphere. The biggest plus side is its health benefits. Humans and plants co-exist in a symbiotic relationship. They release oxygen in the air which we breathe in while we release carbon dioxide that gives plants life. Studies also show how plants clean the air and boosts healing.

The question really is: What kind of plants should you begin with? I won’t lie. Indoor gardening can get a little tricky because you have to look into several factors to maintain your garden’s vitality and sustenance. Will you get enough sunlight? Will you have enough time to water them? Here’s my suggestion. Go ahead and start with cacti and succulents. Both are pleasing to the eye and are very easy to care for. These varieties are known for being hardy which means they do not require too much water and can survive in difficult environments. I really don’t have a green thumb but I have managed to take care of five varieties of succulents. This pretty much shows how resilient these plants are.

Don’t get me wrong. Just because they can survive in hostile environments doesn’t mean you should ignore them completely. There are some basics where caring for cacti and succulents are concerned. First, you should water them at least once a week. Give the soil a good soaking, too. Second, while these plants are resilient to light and heat, they should not be exposed to intense direct sunlight nor be kept in dark corners of the room. Moderation is the key. Third, mind the potting. Pot materials can range anywhere from plastic to ceramic. While it really depends on personal preference, always remember that it should support your plant’s optimal growth. Fourth, mind the soil, too. Go for soil that drains very well. Hard-core plant aficionados follow a certain ratio for the soil’s components but I usually go for horticulturalgrade loam readily available in sacks in Valencia. These have worked well for me. Fifth, you might have to repot every year. This will give your plants fresh soil and address various problems whether it’s pest control or root systems.

Yes, an indoor garden provides so many benefits that make caring for it truly worth your time. Why don’t you give it a try? For a wide selection of cacti and succulents, try out what Thorny Guy Visayas has to offer. They offer beautiful plant varieties in creative, handcrafted pots for a great price. Check out their Facebook site at