In Corona limelight

Vice Governor Mark Macias who is also a medical specialist guested at CROSSTALK over DYEM BAI RADIO. Wednesday. Topic: coronavirus


Dumaguete city is again in the limelight because of the corona virus  or the nobel nCoV, be-cause the first fatality outside of China was in the Philippines and the 44yr old Chinese Wuhan tourist fatality  came to relax in Dumaguete and 4 days in a Dauin resort.

Definitely the male fatality who died in Manila and his 38-yr old girlfriend with him also from Wuhan, had person to person contact who knows with hotel personnel, hotel lenins, utensels, and airplane co passengers sitting near them….that is where the concern is.

Outside of that, everybody by now should be on guard against going near coughing people local or foreign, at least two meters distance, and avoid touching things and going around in crowded places in markets and malls  and thoroughly  washing your hands more than usual.

We should not blame the Dept of Health in Manila for not locating all the 300 passengers coming in and out of Dumaguete on board Cebu Pacific and PAL who SAT near the two coronavirus victims….it is the job of the airlines to contact these people and endorse their addresses to DOH PEOPLE and not the other way around.  It is also a wise idea for the government to suspend classes for three days  feb 5 to7—so that children can avoid public places.  As the doctors say, the virus if airborne is dead in 15 If there is no physical contact with coughing people then that should be  safe enough….at least.

So what is now the status of corna virus?

the World Health Organization REPORTS So far, there have been over 20,000 confirmed cases WORLDWIDE  and 427 deaths. Over 700 people have recovered from the illness. The majority of the illnesses are in China, but cases have been reported in two dozen other countries, including the PHILIPPINES.  So deaths related to the illness have been reported outside of China.

The national death toll reached 427 IN CHINA, but not yet  exceeding the 774 fatalities of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) in  mainland CHINA and Hongkong, in 2003.

SARS, caused by a pathogen similar to the new coronavirus and also originated in China, killed 774 people — with most of the other deaths in Hong Kong.


At the end of December, public health officials from China informed the World Health Organization that they had a problem: an unknown, new virus was causing pneumonia-like illness in the city of Wuhan. They quickly determined that it was a coronavirus, and that it was rapidly spreading through and outside of Wuhan.

Yet  with the advent of biological warfare, the Senate in the Philippines showed a video that it could be a biological warfare been three super powers like The United States, China itself or Russia trying to detroy eah other at the expense of other people in  the world and this is not verified.

Coronaviruses are common in animals of many kinds including bats, and sometimes can evolve into forms that can infect humans. Another analysis found that the genetic sequence of the new virus is 96 percent identical to one coronavirus found in bats. Both SARS and MERS originated in bats.


Early evidence suggested that, like other coronaviruses, the virus jumps between people who are in very close contact with each other, and probably spreads when an infected person sneezes or coughs.

In short, one has to sneeze or cough in front of another person to catch the virus.  It has to be person to person.  So avoid crowded places so people affected cannot sneeze or cough in front of people. Cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing……once airborne, the virus dies in 12 hours.


So do not touch anything in public places. CAREFULL: in holding money, bills and loose change, Delicado.  Always wash your hands if coming from a public place, like riding a tricycle, a bus, a plane , a pumpboat, or a friend’s car or motorcycle. Wash your hands more often than ususal..


If you HAVE NOT  recently been to Wuhan, China, or been in CLOSE CONTACT  with someone who is sick and has recently been to Wuhan, China, it’s very unlikely you have this virus. It’s totally normal to feel anxious, though — and there are ways to reduce that anxiety, like by distracting yourself with other activities, or keeping the risks in perspective.


Based on what we know so far, you can protect yourself with the same measures you’d take (and should be taking) to protect yourself against the flu: wash your hands, cover your mouth when you cough, and stay away from people who are sick.


YES, they did but they left last Jan 25 yet.  So by now, if the virus were lying somewhere, then the virus are dead by now. Coronavirus surivival is less than 24 hours. It’s been three weeks….Unless again the two chinese victims coughed and sneezed in front of people here, used utinzels, spoon fork, drinking glass, and these were used by other people especially in that hotel they stayed and the resort dauin….all utinzels used by them must be destroyed, not just washed. Just to be safe,  hotel M people and that of SD resort should know..

At this point, our people from the Dept of Health would like to disseminate official information about coreona virus otherwise known as n CoV. OK DOH?