Improving work productivity


So you want to know how to increase your work productivity?

You start wondering how to increase your work productivity. Such a situation always frustrates many people. Some opt to give up on achieving some of their dreams.

Do not give up on your dreams regardless of the challenges you face. Below are some ideas from work productivity experts.

1) Measure or set the exact amount of time you will need for a certain task. Tracking your time will help you not waste a lot of time on silly activities such as checking your mail every hour.

You will learn to focus on spending more time on activities of high value and thus become productive. Additionally, tracking your time helps you be more responsible for your actions. In the end, you will be able to finish many tasks and have enough time to work on others.

2) Work hard during the first few hours of the day Starting your day in a good mood or high spirits will definitely guarantee you a productive day. It is evident that you will stay positive during the rest of the day. Also, your focus will be on completing the day’s activities.

But if you start your day in a bad mood, you will not be able to complete any important task. This is because some people try to vent ( place) their anger on somebody or something else. Hence, you may hurt yourself in the process. When somebody always blames another person for problems they are fully or partially responsible for, people tend to avoid them.

Start your day in a good mood and this will ensure you are more productive in the first few hours of the day. The mind is usually ready and fresh in the morning.

3) Who does not like the cute face and furry coat of a kitten or a puppy? A study in Japan reveals that looking at the photos or pictures of cute animals can help improve work productivity. Surprisingly, it may help increase your work productivity.

4) Create a daily accomplishments list Many people find it hard to acknowledge their accomplishments. This is because some individuals do not appreciate how much they have achieved. They have negative biases about themselves which lower their productivity. Their brain focuses on the minor mistakes and obstacles which hinder them from noticing their wins.

So, to increase your work productivity, you need to recognize your achievements. Create a daily accomplishments list where you will note down your small wins. This will increase motivation and make you feel good, simultaneously increasing your work productivity.