Hunt peso-nets mostly no permits

A massive crackdown is shortly to be launched  upon all barangays  against  the proliferation of the so-called  operation  “Peso Nets”  all over the 30 barangays in Dumaguete City.

Those Peso Nets are mini computer shops lodged in barangay residences wherein a viewer can pick up internet signals for games which at the same time, flash out pornography and lewed pictures which usually victimize minors.

This developed as  the anti-indecency board (AIB) chaired by Dr. Phoebe Tan, of Silliman University,  has reported to the city mayor’s office  the proliferation of  peso net and internet cafés in different barangays during the conduct of their monthly actual monitoring.


There is also a considerable uptick of children sexually abused (CSA) cases because of unregulated pornography in Peso-Net Houses and illegal residential internete cafes   in the city barrios.

There seems to be a correlation between the proliferation of porno pop-ups in the peso net and the  noted rise of sexual abuse among minors in Dumaguete with some describing the spike as “alarming.”

Child Protection Unit (CPU) social worker Roselyn Frejoles said that based on their investigation, most of the minor offenders had their acts copied from what pops up in the screens of their  peso net, because with P1, a student can already access the web with a duration of five minutes, can make their research and able to print their assignments.

What worries the CPU  of the city   is that porno advertisements just pop up in the middle of the game played by students, mostly minors. Frejoles disclosed a member of the city council is looking for solutions on how to block porno advertisements in peso nets

Findings show most of these private residences- internet cafes are operating with either expired mayors permits or  without no permits at all while others are still processing because they have yet  to get their permits from the Optical Media Board (OMB) in Manila.

The Anti-Indecency Board (AIB) was created through an ordinance, and is operating under the office of the city mayor Antonio Felipe Remollo .   Dr. Tan is seeking urgent  audience with the Liga ng mga Barangays headed by Motong village chief Dionie Amores because most of these peso nets are established inside barrio residences.

During the recent  barangay Kapihan held at the Talay gymnasium, Bajumpandan Kag. Felomino Solamillio raised the concern of having difficulty in running after these operators  because they are highly mobile

Cantil-e village chief and Kag Paul Bagaan who chairs  the committee on women and children have scheduled a meeting with all peso and internet operators in the barangay  to tackle this social malady   as well as discuss  the enforcement of an  existing city ordinance banning and prohibiting   students in internet cafes during classes.

Invited to attend are members of the Local Council for the Protection of Women, the AIB, Liga ng mga Barangay, and the school principal of Cantil-e Elementary School.jrg