How to ward off serious depression


There are moments in life when people experience very serious types of depression and they wonder what to do about them.  Some desperate people may ask the advice of “quack” doctors or non-professional persons but the depression will only get worse.  The person might become so despondent to the point of being suicidal.

Here are ways that may help these persons:

  1. Identify the symptoms of depression first.
  2. Mild Depression: discouragement, loneliness, feeling of inferiority, getting no fun out of life.
  3. Serious Depression: perpetual sadness, slow reaction of mind and body, morbid and bitter self- criticism.
  4. Practice hope; be optimistic. As hopefulness becomes a habit, you can achieve a permanent happy spirit.
  5. Right: eating, exercising, thinking, praying, and living – this tone up vitality.
  6. Practice of thought replacement can bring about spirit upliftment.

For instance:

  1. Replace each weak thought with a strong one.
  2. Replace each negative thought with a positive one.
  3. Replace each hostile thought with a loving one.
  4. Replace each gloomy thought with a lifted one.

Now, if the positive suggestions still cannot help you then it’s time to see a trained psychiatrist. He/She can prescribe  the appropriate medication that can help you manage the manifestations of depression particularly thoughts of self-harm and suicide.