How to manage hangover


During parties or fiestas, most hosts usually serve alcoholic drinks i.e. beer, Tanduay, Gin or Whiskey among others. There are times when, unavoidably, one gets to drink more of the alcoholic stuff and consequently gets a terrible hangover when he gets home in the morning. For the inexperienced, he does not know what to do and suffers.

Here are some simple hangover cures:

1. Drink a glass or two of cold water when you wake up.

2. Take aspirin with water. “Not dangerous, but not desirable. A couple of aspirin may relieve the hangover eventually, but so will time.”

3. Black coffee – “Hot and sweet, this will certainly disguise that foul furry taste on your tongue but only temporarily.

4. The real cure which is strongly recommended: Take the juice of one lemon (or orange) and a generous measure of honey . It’s the Vitamin C of the lemon and the fruit sugar of the honey which do the trick. See?