How to make effective decisions


There are moments in life when one is confronted with very difficult or serious decisions. There are many things one can possibly do in order to make a good decision. Let us learn to consider some important factors in order to arrive at an intelligent decision making.

Here are essential elements authorities suggest in arriving at a fairly good decision making:

1. Don’t ask others to make decisions for you. Effective decision making is a do-it- yourself project.

2. Surround yourself with the facts. Look for distorted facts; weed them out.

3. Argue the pros and cons of your case.

4. Don’t let people become hostile when discussing problems that require and important decision. Clear thinking is the answer; not heated arguments and temper tantrums.

5. Never make important decisions when you are angry.

6. Put your problem in writing.

7. Turn your problem over to your subconscious mind. Know that your subconscious has the answer and will reveal it to you.

8. Visualize the outcome of your problem. Picture it in your mind’s eyes as you want it to be.

9. Never compromise your ideals or allow others to mentally blackmail you into making decisions you know are wrong. Stand for your right of free thought.