How to beat your inadequacies

When we were still young, our parents, as well as our teachers, taught us the essence of early treatment through this oft-quoted statement, “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.”

A cancer specialist claimed that even cancer; a very serious or malignant disease could even be prevented from spreading (metastasis) when discovered at an early stage. Everyone should learn the early cancer seven warning signals. (Please inquire at your nearest Health Center.) This is the very important stage for the doctor to physically examine and order a series of tests to determine whether the disease is benign or malignant.

There were actual cases from patients who were discovered to suffer various serious maladies. Fortunately, with the help of their knowledgeable friends who introduce to them the effective principles of treatment, all of them had beaten their “ inadequacies ” and lived happily to tell their respective stories.

A. A lady patient had learned that allergies could be worsened by dehydration. So, she began the habit of drinking 2 glasses of water every hour. Within an hour, her sneezing, running nose and watery eyes had been alleviated. Her body pains disappeared the next morning. Water therapy and avoidance of allergy-inducting foods, exercise, and healthy meals cured her.

B. A well-known lawyer whose temper was out of control had been reported that one day, after reprimanding his staff, felt dizzy. Medical tests showed that he had a mild stroke. His doctor placed him on maintenance pills. Then a friend gave him a book on Anger Management.

The book taught him the following.

  1. Anger is a choice, not inevitability.
  2. Anger affects the major organs of the body.
  3. Anger is a manifestation of stress.

Today, he has a better grip of his emotions and is aware of the consequences of “losing control.” His staff is more efficient and productive and his office is running smoothly.

C. Johnny drinks brandy and plays poker. One night he felt a persistent pain on his side. The doctors told him to stop drinking. He was suffering from peptic ulcer and fatty liver. A friend brought him to a detoxification center to clean his dirty liver and gall bladder.

The above patients discovered that their willpower is stronger than their weaknesses and not in the mercy of their inadequacies.