“Honesty in dealing with business and profession”

In celebration of the Honesty month of October, the Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals BCBP Dumaguete North and South chapters marked the occasion together with the rest of the BCBP chapters all over the country and overseas in south east Asia, Canada and the United States.

For it is the business and professional sectors that the virtue of honesty is of primordial concern. Not all businessmen and professionals are dealing with honesty in a manner that Is expected of every Christian who are closely following God’s Word.

It is therefore along this line that we In all honesty beseech the wisdom of the Holy Spirit Almighty to bestow upon businessmen and professionals alike the wisdom and consciousness that even in our best efforts the BCBP will lead in the pursuit of honesty in dealing with business and profession, even if others are not, even if others will not and even if others cannot.

It is along t his line too that BCBP held this oratorical contest among millennia’s in Dumaguete City schools and that of Bais and Siquijor if only to share our desire to see and hope to live in a better and more humble and honest world.

The winners are: Paul Candido, LCC Bais city (P4000); Jay Tamparong, CC Siquijor (P3000) ; Francis Cual , SPUD, (P2000); The board of judges were: Atty Gertrudes Ladion, Dr Profiteza Lim, Cynthia Matas and Atty Reynil Arcide.

Chapters head are Third Bouffard (on leave) and Lee Zerna of the south chapter. Ely Dejaresco Mission Director tasking caretaker for Dgte North.