Homos using minors as sex objects @P150?

The committee on women and children of the city council is verifying information youngsters have allowed themselves to be used as sex objects by homosexuals with a fee dubbed as “wam 50.”

The information first came out during a meeting scheduled every Thursday morning by the committee chairman Councilor Bernice Ann Elmaco upon the initiative of the presiding officer of the Sangguniang Panlungsod Vice Mayor Alan Gel Cordova, to specifically tackle issues on women and children, March being celebrated as women’s month.

This stemmed from the report of the city social welfare office that in 2018 a total of 33 children were abused and 55 in 2019 or last year.

A guidance counsellor of a public elementary school disclosed during the meeting that their biggest problem is not the proliferation of illegal drugs but what is described by the language of the youth as “pamayot” or “wam 50”, which means that for a fee of P150.00 these young individuals would already be in the hands of homosexuals who are just lurking either at the Quezon Park or the Freedom Park from 10:00 in the evening up to 4:00 o’clock dawn.

Cordova has tasked Councilor Elmaco who chairs the committee on women and children to conduct a validation of the concern raised by the guidance counsellor and to make recommendation.

He said these minors maybe emotionally and mentally immature to handle this kind of relationship.

Furthermore, its not just about the mental or emotional health of the minor but it may even result to the spread of certain diseases as a result of sexual contacts. (BY CHOY GALLARDE)