Hobbies can ease quarantine life


A hobby  gives us something fun to do  and we can learn new skills.  There are many websites devoted to hobbies. The world is full of wonderful, exciting activities!

We should have at least one hobby. Why?

It makes you more interesting.

It helps to relieve stress and become more patient.

A hobby can help your social life and create a bond with others.

It increases your confidence and self-esteem.

It helps you develop  new knowledge. And can even turn into a business!

There is an old saying,  “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.” If your  family and  friends have good hobbies to fill up their free time, then they will be less likely to spend that time on wasteful or negative activities.. .  (like wasting money on cigarettes and booze.)

Some ideas:

  1. You can download ebooks for free, and check out books at our library..
  2. The more we cook, the better we get at it. (BTW, We no longer use soy sauce at home and are trying to be more creative with our seasonings).
  3. Art…. some people even recycle things, creating beauty from waste.
  4. Exercising
  5. Gardening and landscaping.

While  tending your garden, why not make it beautiful as well? And learn how to use your banana peels, eggshells, coffee grounds, fish bones, etc as fertilizer!

Develop at least one hobby that you really enjoy. I guarantee you will be very glad you did.

I find used items, such as leaves, wood, bone, and corral,   then I make dinosaurs, doll houses, models, and other art pieces out of them.