Another law student of the University of Santo Tomas University died due to hazing. School authorities should be vigilant in enforcing the anti-hazing law because the penalty of reclusion perpetua results there from.

What is needed is the active participation of school authorities and law enforcement agencies to enforce the anti-hazing law. The NBI or the school authorities could enroll NBI agents and covertly join fraternities and surely the members of the school organizations could be sent to jail if they violate the law. What is needed is the enforcement of the law.

We do not have to wait until another death or injury will result because of initiations. This is a university town. We should conduct awareness campaigns of the anti-hazing law and blacklist student organizations who violate it.

All those who were present in the fraternity initiations, even as bystanders will be liable as principals. All that is needed is for school authorities to be pro-active. Schools should not be reactive. They should not just take active measures like suspension or expulsion only after somebody dies due to fraternity initiations.

How many have to be sacrificed in the name of so-called fraternities or brotherhood? Must you harm a brother before he is accepted as a fraternal brother? It is not a brotherhood of men. It is nothing but a bunch of barbarians. My appeal to school authorities is to allow only fraternities who do not violate the law. Be proactive and not reactive.

How many people must die before we can put an end to hazing?

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