Hail our frontliners!

COVID-19 Protective Gears for our Medical Frontliners
The Quezon City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office demonstrates to barangay first responders how to use the protective gear properly in case COVID-19 hit their barangays during doffing of personal protective equipment on Thursday, March 5, 2020. Photo by Darren Langit/Rappler


Dumaguete City – The role of medical frontliners has never been in the forefront in all of history than today because while earthlings  have now the technology, the role of men is still indispensable.

For what can technology do if nobody presses the button>? What good is nuclear war if nobody presses the green light? And what good is COVID19 antidotes if there are no humans who will dispense the drugs?  Today, men and women frontliners are ready but the final drug is not (yet) out of the test tubes

We see doctors and nurses who are at their point of exhaustion. They speak to us saying they are fighting an uphill battle in the likes of Iwogema. But they know that they will soon plant the flag of victory because God always makes good triumph over evil.

That is why this issue today is dedicated to the all frontliners of the fight against COVID-19.

We know that the solution is not far behind or upfront. When  COVID season comes, the solution to this malady rests in the hands of men, not the doctors. Who are the frontliners?: doctors, nurses, hospital aides, orderly, security, laboratory techs, even garbage collectors and money changers.

Prevention, preparation and prayers are the only real weapons against Coronavirus. For believers, this pandemic calls for the response of man to God to repent of their sins: abortion, atheism,  drug addiction, murder, kidnapping, plunder, immorality, promiscuity, monosexuality, extrajudicial killings, biological warfare, corruption, you name it, man has committed it.

Only a non-loving God could tolerate such  human apathy and indifference, put simply: COVID19 is  man’s wake up call prior to end times.