Gov investigating why I-Tax Vios “trailed” Rex killers

Police investigators into the murder of broadcaster Rex Cornelio last May 5 reported that Gov. Roel Degamo is now helping to initiate internal investigations why the provincial government’s silver Vios Toyota sedan with red-plate number 072806 was allegedly seen with another car, by CCTV cameras as apparently “trailing” slain broadcaster Rex Cornelio at the time of his murder along the national highway closely fronting the city Mall, in the evening of May 5 past 8:00pm  

Red-plate vehicle means it is owned by government.  Indeed the car is assigned the I-Tax mapping office of the provincial assessor’s office. Did it have a trip ticket?  Photo on page one shows police cordoning off the said Vios sedan at its garage beside the girl scouts building near the Aqua center inside the capitol compound.

This is what the police investigators found out as initially reported by PCol Julian Entoma provincial police director and city police Chief PLtCol Wilfredo Alarcon:

Sequence of events:

  1. Late afternoon of May 5.  2 cars ( the grey vios of the capitol provincial assessor’s office,   and another car, a  red/orange Hyundai accent) were moving around the City business district. At around 6:30pm. These cars ended up on side of the CBD (Sy property) fronting Petron near the gate of DYMD.
  2. Waiting on same side, were 2 men on a parked motorcycle.
  3. After exit of Rex Cornelio and wife from the compound where DYMD is located at around 8:06pm , the 2 men riding in tandem trailed Rex and wife.
  4. After a minute the 2 cars left in different directions. The red /orange car went towards West / Valencia (Romero highway) while the grey Vios went eastward towards Perdices St. Was this coincidental or a conspired event?
  5. at around 8:27pm, same  red/orange car parked on the backside of praxevilla courts. 2 minutes later, 2 men riding in tandem boarded the red/orange car that drove towards Macias Stadium. They left the motorbike, parked on the same area)
  6. 8:34 p.m. One of the 2 men went back on foot   to fetch his motorbike near the Macias sports stadium.

Questions: were these two men riding in tandem, as seen on CCTV CAMERAS, the assassins of Rex Cornelio?  What were the two cars SEEN ON CCTV CAMERAS   doing in front of Petron near DYMD>   WHY did the two cars  leave. Same time with the two riding in tandem, just as Rex Cornelio and wife left the station?

Who were on board these two vehicles?  How come a government vehicle was used outside the capitol?, who drove it/?, and did it have a TRIP TICKET? What was the trip’s purpose? Did Gov Degamo or his assigns officially  know and recorded  this usage of the government car Vios?   Failure to secure a trip ticket makes government vehicle users liable administratively.  So who was driving the government Vios sedan?  And driver can identify those on board.

PCol Julian Entoma provincial police director and city police chief  PLtCol Wilfredo Alarcon were also surprised why capitol vehicle custodians allegedly refused the car to be inspected unless there was a search warrant.

Capitol sources said Gov Degamo will cooperate with the investigation.  The Vios by the time it is turned over by today, shall have been presumed to be sanitized of evidence good or bad.

Police said there were similarities in the vehicle pattern movement as in the murder of broadcaster Dindo Generoso  last Nov 7 2019  which raised more eyebrows among crime investigators.

Unless confirmed by the governor himself who is the capitol boss ,  that the Vios was the same vehicle in interest, the police must hunt for more evidence to prove and corroborate  the same. (These are based on police initial investigation.)