God’s Fingerprints


Sometime ago I was asked why I call this weekly column “Footsteps and Fingerprints”. They represent the many instances in my life when God has reminded me of His Presence, I replied. “Name some,” she challenged. I give you a few samples…

Many years ago when our granddaughters were still quite young, they visited us for the afternoon. Four of them came, ages 8 to 3, and as usual enlivened up our home with their laughter, playfulness and exuberance. I remember we had crackers spread with peanut butter and jelly for merienda.

After they had left and I was cleaning up their crumpled drawings and scattered toys, I noticed they had left behind a sample of their creativity – a mosaic of crackers and jelly, pasted together with peanut butter, and stuck onto the wall of our sala. At first glance, I was irritated and thought “What a mess!” Then I looked closer and read the message: “Hi, Mama Nancy, we love you!” This brought a big smile to my face; they had left behind a reminder of their love for me. They had imprinted their fingerprints onto a moment in my life.

I have learned to see and treasure God’s fingerprints in every moment of life. I see his love every morning in the sunrise or in the rainy clouds of the monsoon. I hear Him sing love songs to me as I listen to the birds sing as they welcome the day in the branches of our mango tree. I know God cares for me when He sends sun and showers to freshen my garden and cool the humid, hot air of summer.

The fingerprints of God in my life energize me so I am able to live out the roles He has planned for me: as wife and mother, as business executive in the family corporation MAPECON, as active member in the BCBP, Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals, as author of several books and former editor for 20 years of the KAPATIRAN, national magazine/now website of the BCBP, as facilitator of trainings and workshops on Christian Stewardship, Service, and Scripture, as cohost of a twice-a-week radio program Pinagpalang Bayan ng Diyos (DWAD, 1098AM, T-Th 9- 10am).

I feel His love for me when Jun, my husband, and our three children, twelve grandchildren and seven great grandchildren gather for family dinner, fun and games and laughter. His fingerprints weave the awesome tapestry of my life, adorned with friendships, with challenges, with joy and tears, each color and design telling the story of my life as His child.

God’s fingerprints are everywhere. I challenge you who are reading this to pause for a moment, take a deep breath, and look around you slowly, appreciatively, and savor His Presence in everything you see, in the air you breathe, in the fragrance of life. Notice the lingering imprint of His fingerprints. And praise and thank Him for LIFE!