God is in control


For one thing, this will come to pass. There is always a time for everything: for sickness, pain and dying. There is also a time for healing, joy and rejoicing. Most of all God is in control.

We have to look at this COVID19 malady on a higher plane. Unless we are not believers in God Almighty who alone “giveth and taketh away.” God is sovereign. He knows when to end this. And it would seem that it will depend on man when to Let God end this.

When the sin of this world is eliminated, when people repent, and change their ways, God promised He will be quick to restore the land. Even much much faster than when people will ever repent.

JUST THINK:  abortion worldwide (30,000 daily!), atheism,  divorce, drug addictions, suicide bombings,  people killing each other,  prostitution, promiscuity,  mass murders, extrajudicial killings,  kidnappings,  environmental destructions, biological and nuclear warfare,  wanton killings in the streets and in the malls, —tell me,— who is the God who will be pleased with  this kind of  human self-destruction?

COVID19 is nothing, compared to how man has self-destructed himself:  26,000 daily deaths of cancer worldwide; 49,000 daily deaths of heart related ailments, you name it — COVID19 IS NOTHING.

All these are man-made lifestyle sickness. Solution: change man’s sinful lifestyle.  All the prophets, from Jesus to the Apostles, they have lived and died calling for change. Has man listened?

How about COVID19, will man listen and change his ways this time?