Giving up


President Rodrigo Duterte, in a speech, admit ted that corruption in the government is just so rampant and pervasive, that he admits he cannot eliminate corruption in the government. Of course, Mr. President. You cannot eliminate corruption in the government because if you eliminate corruption in the government, you will have no more government.

Corruption could only be minimized but never totally eliminated. Do not give up, Mr. President because the people are behind you. That is why in spite of all the criticisms against you, your popularity rating according to the surveys is still very high. I know you are tired. If you are tired, you can always take a leave and let the Vice President take over the government.

Vice President Maria Leonor G. Robredo can take over the government and prove to you that you are wrong in thinking that she is not competent to become a President. Anyway, you can always assume the Presidency if Vice President Maria Leonor G. Robredo proves to be incompetent as an acting President. If Vice President Robredo proves to be competent in running the government, then you can resign or extend an indeterminative leave of absence, and enjoy your life as a grandfather.

You are just tired. Even God rested after seven days when He made the world.Even Jesus Christ rested and prayed at the garden of Gethsemane, together with his disciples.

The battle against drugs continues and we still have a big drug problem. Continue to fight corruption, remove corrupt officials, and appoint men with integrity. We should start by fighting corruption in the Judiciary, otherwise, the corrupt judges could frustrate the drive against corrupt officials by issuing temporary restraining orders (TROs) against the Ombudsman and eventually acquit or dismiss cases against corrupt officials.

Start with the judiciary, there are many hoodlums in robes. The Supreme Court has exclusive administrative jurisdiction over judges and personnel of the judiciary but the office of the President or the executive department has the power and the duty to enforce the law.