Garbage control

DUMAGUETE CITY – It is no longer wise for a growing city like Dumaguete to wait or tarry any longer for its 80-ton daily garbage turnout to escalate into a worse nightmare of environmental concern. What is happening at the site now is enough nightmare.

It has been years, decades, since the Dept. of Environment has warned past administrations to attend to the growing environmental needs including proper garbage disposal. And they all failed.

Until a P2M-damage suit is now hanging over the head of this city saying that unless drastic measures be made, that old embarrassing stinking dumpsite in Candau-ay will have to be closed for good.

It has reached a point where garbage is recklessly dumped into the streets of Candau-ay because the trash is just overflowing. The city government has failed to attend to this age-old problem which has now escalated to almost unbearable levels. Visit the place and you will not stay one minute longer because of the odor and filth. It definitely is not typically Dumaguete. It is a monument of neglect.

The Remollo administration, heirapparent of this environmental maladay had to scamper and searched and found a lot nearby enough for a small sanitary landfill site. Therefore, everything will have to be processed thru materials recovery facilities so that only residual trash of about ten daily tons will be brought to a temporary site at the Bayawan SLF> The rest will have to be recycled garbage otherwise there will be no more place to go. Trash has overtaken the growth of this city and it is now or never.

Yes the site is flood-prone thus engineering interventions will have to be made. The good news is DENR will help finance the dumpsite closure up to 80% so the City can focus on garbage recycling.

No time to blame anyone for the neglects of the past. It is time to move forward and institute the needed interventions so as not to exacerbate the garbage problem which is in reality the problem of us all.