Future education and consumerism

I am a professional educator with a master’s in education and three teaching credentials.

The educational dilemma today is because it is so difficult to predict the advances in technology which will be changing the world rapidly. To be teaching facts, and to be projecting what people will need to know for their life is so very much more difficult now than it has ever been in history.

Instead we need to prepare people for the unexpected, to learn to be flexible, to be adaptable. To learn HOW to learn. Along with the good technology will bring, bad will come with it.

For example, we are in serious trouble because with advances in technology we will lose more of our privacy. We are becoming victims of consumer profiling. In other words , each one of us will have a lifetime electronic profile record of our consumerism. That is, everything that we’ve ever purchased, and therefore what we’re interested in, will be recorded by the corporations, and this information sold and shared to the government or any other Corporation. The corporations will be able to more effectively and insidiously channel and direct their advertising based on our past interests in subtle ways that are manipulative at a psychological and pervasive level.

You’ve noticed the money has barcodes now. Every dollar, every peso , will be able to be tracked worldwide. Everything we’ve ever purchased will have a permanent record following us.

Perhaps this will help a little:

The proverb about consumerism is, “What you need you do not want, what you want you do not need.”