Flesh must come from flesh


When the angel Gabriel was sent to Mary, it was all about offering this humble maiden of Nazareth a partnership of life. Mary was chosen to be the bearer of the Messiah.

Flesh should come from flesh. Mary is Jesus’ Mother in a very unique sense. All the humanity of Jesus will be from her, from her womb — genetics and chromosomes and all from the Jewish maiden of Nazareth.

However, Jesus shall be greater than the Mother: He is divine, and His height and depth is His divinity. Jesus is totally therefore one with the heavenly Father.

His ultimate and absolute loyalty is with the heavenly Father whom He calls “Abba,” not with Mary. Mary is, as she referred herself to be, a humble servant, a handmaid.

The story of Christmas reminds us that God wants to work with us. But this happens according to His terms, not ours. Fr. Domie Guzman, SSP REFLECTION QUESTIONS: In what way is your life now a project in partnership with God? What divine terms are involved with your life-project with God?

I entrust to You, Lord, my whole life. Work with me and in me, according to Your will. Amen.


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