Five facebook safety rules


On Facebook, your private de tails, your photos, your thoughts, and preferences can all be used against you. Here is a list of five things that should not be on your Facebook page:

1. The friend’s list is a very personal place. The 5000 ‘friending limit’ is not a challenge, so there really isn’t any pressure to push the numbers higher than the actual family and friends that you have. Keep bosses, managers, supervisors, or even colleagues out of your friend’s list. No matter how strong your relationship is with anyone from these categories, it is best to keep your professional life separate from your personal life.

While it may not be a good career move to speak poorly of your work problems, it is a valid form of stress relief. Leave that option open for yourself by keeping your Facebook territory free of work-related people… or make a second one for work.

2. Don’t post pictures of your home, your furniture and belongings, where your kids go to school, or your latest gadget purchase of the month. You don’t want to be revealing expensive things to potential thieves.

3. It’s not advisable to constantly tag your whereabouts or tag where your home is. Predictable routines is how criminals know when to enter your home. Stop announcing to everyone when you will be away from home or when you will be alone at home.

4. It’s never a good idea to write an angry letter or email about anyone to anybody. Regardless of how private you keep your page, there are people who are watching what you type. Being too critical and calling people four-letter names never helps. Your opinions and thoughts will vary as you grow older, but Facebook impressions stay forever.

5. Keep your birthdate figures a secret.Birthdays are good for predators figuring out passwords to your emails, online accounts and websites. When asked to provide a 6-to-8 character password, the first thing that pops into your mind will probably be a variation of your birth date or the birthdates of someone close to you. If you have to put your birthday, consider not revealing the year you were born.