First open heart surgery in Dumaguete

open heart surgery
Stakeholders: LR Roberto Montebon, SUMCFI President; Dr. Jan Denton Chua, President CEO, HBC Heart Institute; Dr. William Chua, director and man behind HBC; Dr. Antonio Sibulo Jr., BOD Health Cube Group of Companies; Dr. Angel Yrastorza, Executive director of HBCalleja Heart Institute.

DUMAGUETE CITY – The first open heart surgery in Dumaguete will likely be performed at the new Heart Institute of the Silliman Medical Center Foundation’s Medical Specialty Building this November if plans do not mis-carry.

This was announced by Dr. Jan Denton Chua, president/CEO of the Health Cube Group of Companies of the H.B. Calleja Heart Institute Inc., which signed a MEMO Agreement with SUMCFI last Wednesday after a short ground-breaking rites at the new Medical Specialty Building of SUMCFI.

Dr. Susan Ozoa Denura, chair of internal medicine and director of the SUMCFI Heart Institute, said this is historic event in the cardio—medical field in Negros Oriental. Earlier, SUMCFI also signed the MOA establishing the plush Cancer Institute at SUMCFI.

This came in the wake of the sprouting of new big private hospitals namely the ACES Doctors Hospital in Daro and the new Polytechnic Hospital in Sibulan highway next to the airport. Both new hospitals will open shortly and will be run and managed by local doctors and specialists.

The STAKEHOLDERS of the Calleja group of companies included: Dr. Jan Denton Chua, president CEO, HBC Heart Institute; Dr. Antonio Sibulo Jr., BOD Health Cube Group of Companies; Dr. Angel Yrastorza, executive director of HB Calleja Heart Institute, among others.

The set-up is that Calleja group of cardio specialist will supply SUMCFI with those multi-million peso equipment, then SUMCFI will accommodate the patients and share 50-50 in the cost of operation and its 9th net income.

The fees for intervention physicians will also be shared by the Calleja group and SUMCFI.

The group of doctors have made SUMCFI as its 9th partners in the service nationwide. They find SUMCFI as the best bet for a fast rising heart institute because of its facilities and its school of medicine which have posted a consistent 100% passing average mark in board exams.

Roberto Montebon , president /CEO of the Silliman SUMCFI, said that the advancement of medical technology although relatively expensive will make it cheaper to locals because the cost of living in Dumaguete in watching their patients will be much cheaper.

“The cost of staying of patients’ watchers bloats the expense list of the families of the sick,” he said.

Two interventioin-cardio specialists with kins in the locals have already signified to work with the SUMCFI heart institute. One Dr Lucero is finishing his training at the St Lukes Medical Center and another cardio intervention physician. They all work together with Dr Ariel Miranda, who is said to be among the top cardio physicians in the country.


The Heart institute will shorly be covered by the Z Package of Philhealth which shoulders part of high end diseses like open heart surgery and angiogram among others.