Pros and cons of Federal government


PHILIPPINES – Federalism has long existed as Filipino history will bear us out. The people created the Federal system—by evolution and tradition. | FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

In time the system the people created developed into a life of its own which eventually molded the character of the population including those who created it.

Pre-colonial Philippine islands were composed of independent states with different systems and culture.

The Kingdom of Tondo; Rajahnates of Manila, Cebu and Butuan; Sultanates of Sulu and Maguindanao…all proved that we are not like the Chinese, Japanese, and the Koreans. They have strong centralized system since time immemorial.

We in our past history has already tried had a decentralized society until our coloniers changed that into a centralized government because they precisely want to CONTROL their occupied territories including the Philippines.

There is such thing as “better system”. (of governance)

A system that is more efficient, less prone to corruption and has easier public accountability.

That system is Federalism.

Main features of Federalism:

  1. Decentralization in policy-making.
  2. Decentralization in the management of fiscal, economic, peace and order, etc.

Advantages of Federalism: (vs Unitarian system)

  1. Creation of new economic and political centers. Development of the countryside!
  2. De-congestion of urban centers like Manila and Cebu. Less traffic, less garbage, less shortage of space! The entire Negros island can become an autonomous regional federal center.
  3. Easier public accountability thus less prone to corruption.
  4. Efficient management of basic public utilities like water and electricity distribution.
  5. Efficient management of crime prevention.

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Our richer neighbor countries are affected in one way or the other.

The United States of America, Mexico, Switzerland, Germany, Russia and Malaysia have Federal systems. | FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

Japan, South Korea, Singapore and China have centralized system – not Federal. But they also have had very strong, almost totalitarian, centralized system. If you read their history, these countries were ruled by strong leaders in the past decades. This heavy handed leadership molded them into disciplined and honest people.

We Filipinos abhor discipline. But we thrive as tribes. (By Elman R. Madrio)


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