“Fact or Myth: Wearing Eyeglasses Will Make Your Eyesight Worse”


Have you ever heard that when wearing eyeglasses, it will make your eyesight worse? Using the correct eyeglasses does not make your vision worse. The MYTH is based on the misperception that “if you wear eyeglasses, it changes the physiology of your eye, but it does not happen. At 40’s people’s eyes deteriorate because of aging. This is because of the changes that are happening in the crystalline lens (structure located inside our eyeballs). The crystalline lens fulfills an important optical function and, with the other transparent medias such as the cornea/bulging part in front of your eyes, aqueous humor (behind the cornea), and vitreous humor (a gelatinous substance filling the eyeball behind the crystalline lens), it is one of the eye’s optical mechanisms. At a younger age, the crystalline lens is transparent and elastic. Its transparency results in a good and clear vision. The crystalline lens hardens and loses its transparency when we age. Another function of the crystalline lens is to filter ultraviolet rays, which penetrate the eye. This filter function protects the retina (innermost layer of our eyes like a film in a camera) against UVA. And because of these reasons, the eye grade changes causing it to increase. Another explanation is that if someone is myopic or near-sighted during adolescent years, it will most likely increase because their eyes are still growing, thus causing their eye grade to also increase. There is a factual basis why most of the eye grade increases or vision worsens. To know more about the facts of your eyes, visit your Registered Optometrist.