Facebook used to evade checkpoints

The Land Transportation Office and the Pro-vincial Highway Patrol Team will intensify its crackdown not only against non-users of helmets but also of other violations of traffic rules and ordinances.

This despite attempts by active social media users to evade checkpoints using Facebook accounts. However, LTO Chief Dr. Janine Lawas pointed out that unless there is a leak, such strategy won’t be effective or sustainable.

She also bared that authorities may be able to hold those responsible of actively obstructing the law enforcement operations of both LTO and the PHPT through applicable laws.

However, she is encouraged by the fact that majority of the motorists have voluntarily used helmets after the fiesta celebration, which was the day after the deadline for the motorists to buy their own helmets following the two-month information drive as requested by Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo.

Although some local officials are opposed to the imposition of the mandatory use of helmet within the city streets, they also recognized that they are not in the position to amend or repeal a national law. Instead, they will lobby for the congressmen and senators to file the necessary amendment or repeal in Congress.

Lawas explains that there checkpoints will continue not only to implement the national helmet but to apprehend motorists without licenses or with expired registrations for their vehicles.

In fact, dozens of motorcycles and other vehicles have been impounded in both LTO and PHPT offices. Some of the seized units that have been in the impounding area for years now need to be disposed in accordance to the rules duly sanctioned by the LTO Region 7 and Commission on Audit to make room for more confiscated motor vehicles.